Monday, April 16, 2012

Now Close Your Eyes and Make A Wish...

After everything Veiyah has been through in her little lifetime, it's time for something good.

It's time for her to be showered with love and gifts,

deluged with respect and reward.

And we're not the only ones who thought so...

Veiyah has been granted a WISH!

Who would have ever thought?

To have a child that gets to be a part of the "Make A Wish" program, is quite far fetched.

So, Why Veiyah? You don't WISH to have such an option, because it means something is wrong...

But, Veiyah was found to be someone with a life-threatening disease.

She has been through more than so many could ever go through in a lifetime.

And you know what?

She deserves every bit of it. Don't you think?

It was definitely hard to come up with a wish for Veiyah. Veiyah has been diagnosed to be only 12-15 months old developmentally. She doesn't know how to communicate the way we do. She doesn't understand what a wish is. She will probably not even realize we are on a trip that BELONGS to ...HER.

But we were told by Veiyah's heart doctors, to live each day as if there is no tomorrow. We don't know what tomorrow holds for Veiyah. For any of us...but especially Veiyah.

So, we will go. We will take pictures upon pictures. We will take video upon video. So that WHEN Veiyah grows up, she WILL know what was given to her.

The Guilt we could hold about us choosing something for Veiyah, due to her not being able to communicate things she enjoys...

just can't exsist.

Veiyah does commuincate in her own way. How then?


It's amazing how she can pick up a song and sing it everytime it comes on.

She won't speak to us,

but she'll sing.

Veiyah has picked up every song from her sisters, her nightly music, and of course, her favorite shows. Veggie Tales, PBS Kids, and...

DISNEY Channel.

That's Right!!

We decided that Veiyah would somewhat understand where she is at the most magical place on earth. Because we know that it probably IS the most magical place on this earth.

We SO look forward to the MOST magical place, in God's Kingdom.

But for now, we are so ready to just pick up and go to Florida!! We've been waiting for 8 months now in the making.

Friday, April 27th at 6am, we leave Cedar Rapids, Iowa for Orlando, Florida.

Only to see Veiyah be treated like the royalty she is.

We will be greeted at the airport and will get to choose a car to rent for our week stay. We will be staying at an amazing place called "Give Kids the World" especially designed for "Make A Wish" kids from all over the world. This is a volunteer based village. We will have our own little Villa. There is so much to do at even this place PLUS going to all of the parks in Disney World. Ice Cream for breakfast! Life size Candy Land play ground, Splash Pad, Swimming pool, and a major holiday every day of the week! No tipping aloud. We will be served meals there without pay,

and the girls will get to be tucked in every night by a HUGE STUFFED RABBIT!

Don't worry, we're skipping that part. :)

We will go wherever we want, whenever we want. We will be moved to the front of every line since... Veiyah IS royalty...:)

Veiyah will see all of the princesses she smiles so big at when she sees them on TV or the toys that she plays with. She will see Mickey and Minnie!

She will experience the Ocean. Sand in her feet.

Things she might have never experienced in her life if such a thing hadn't presented itself.

A bit of Heaven on Earth.

Life's precious moments.

Life beyond hospital beds. Life beyond a cooped up house.

Life in the great outdoors, with the wind in her hair

and experience life like the true princess she is.

*Our Prayer? That Veiyah stays healthy just 2 more weeks! Veiyah has been throwing up on and off this month. Just Bile. We need to make sure she is healthy to go on this trip. Please pray for this blessing to over exceed our expectations, and for Veiyah to feel her BEST.

PS. Veiyah Walks!!


Kelli said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! So happy for Veiyah and for all of you! I know it will be a week to remember forever! <3

Jennifer said...

Oh Ani... That brought tears to my eyes! How amazing! She will have the time of her life! Congrats to Veiyah!

Christina said...

So happy for Veiyah! I will pray for a healthy safe trip! Yay for you all, enjoy ! You all deserve a break from reality. Soak it up.

Amanda Zenner said...

I'm so exited for your whole family and especially Veiyah!! You know this is what she would have picked if she could tell you. Have fun and safe travels to you all!! HOME and AWAY............. said...


I am so happy for Veiyah and your family! What a beautiful gift. I will be praying for health for your little girl and that this will be such a wonderful gift for the whole family.


Stephanie said...

That's so wonderful Ani! We know some cancer kids that have gotten to go to DisneyWorld through Make A Wish, and they all say that it is an absolutely amazing trip and that they are treated like royalty. I hope Veiyah stays healthy and you have a fantastic trip that you very much deserve!

katie said...

That's awesome!!! We will pray she stays healthy so you can all go and be pampered you deserve it!!

Lou said...

I am a friend of Tanya Smith Gordon. I am so very sorry to learn about Veiyah. Please know she now walks free of burdens and is an angel watching over you and yours.